Thursday, 19 April 2012

Representation of Age - Hustle

This extract presents us with two different age representations, from the older generation, who are more reflective and struggle with keeping up with modern times, and the younger generation which are adapt to using advance technology and are much more fast paced. These idealistic characteristics of the differing ages are presented to the audience in a flattering light due to the positive attributes given.

Viewers are firstly introduced to the older generation, as they quietly dine and celebrate a birthday, their maturity and segregation from the younger generation is explicit in the mise-en-scene with them being seated away from the loud and lively crowds near the bar, as they isolate themselves from them and enjoy a quiet table for two with champagne. The camerawork also emphasises the fact that these two characters have aged from being young and lively to older and more reserved, as the first tracking shot is backwards from the background of the bar of young people to the foreground of a two shot. The editing of the conversation is the steady and stable shot reverse shot, rarely altering or challenging the conventions of filming a conversation,  which may exemplify the nature of the older and more experienced generation who stick to what they know, not venturing into the new and unconventional lifestyle.This is also mirrored within the soundtrack as the dialogue reveals their inability to keep up with modern technology, the background diagetic sound of laughter and joy represents the past lives they may have had, a faint memory of theirs.

The younger generation is then portrayed separately, as much faster and adept, this is emphasises by the editing which includes the transmission, from the scene of the two older men to the scene of the younger group, as it quickly and smoothly slides across the screen to reveal the same man from the previous scene. The mise-en-scene shows their knowledge of technology, particularly projectors, and the modern sleek furnishings support the notion of them being younger and unconventional. The soundtrack consists of quick and focused dialogue, which again portrays their quick understanding and ability to keep up with change. The camerawork also conveys the young characters inexorability to find information and learn new things through a focused attitude as the shots are mostly focused close ups of the characters faces, with editing quickly cutting from one character to the next to synchronize with the sharp and snappy dialogue.

However although these portrayals are flattering towards young people as well as the older characters, the representation is not realistic as there are many other subcultural groups which can be presented at both of those ages, which are very different in terms of all aspects. The audience position however should identify with the younger social group, and the creators intentions to exhibit the young and elite as advanced, modern and agile is supported through showing their binary opposition in the form of the older, gentler and less adept to technology generation is achieved.

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